Monday, April 12, 2010

Lazy Summer Days

The Title is a very quiet Aesop Rock shout out, we've been listening to his stuff in the kitchen like alll week, nothin like good underground rap to rock out to on the line.

Kitchen music is just one of those things that's a staple in any kitchen.
Back at Timberwood grill, my first real restaurant job, it was anything and everything, punk, ska, reggae, rap, classic rock.

At horse and hound it was either drum and bass techno, or death metal (much to my dismay...)

At The upstairs, it changes a lot, but Aesop Rock is a pretty common one.

For some reason, cooks just seem to work better when there is a beat to work to, it lets them fall into a rhythym and roll through prep or that ticket as they jam out to some tunes in the kitchen.

Just random thoughts, sorry it' not much
more will come... hopefully.

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