Wednesday, July 14, 2010


this is the moment I've spent the entire month preparing for. Brookville Restaurant is having it's health inspection today, and there is absolutely no reason it shouldn't pass, everything is spotless, servsafe requirements are met, and everything is sparkly.

Harrison (the new chef) and I worked all day yesterday, scrubbing floors, walls, ranges, ovens, grills, storage racks, 3 compartment sinks..... you get the idea, and at the end of the day, it was soo fucking worth it, it looks spectacular.

Before yesterday, most of what we were doing was recipe development, which usually consisted of going to the farmers market, buying a bunch of shit, then going back to the restaurant and cooking till we run out of shit to try and make.

Some of my projects have included
Dark Chocolate Creme Brulee with Wineberries (ongoing, still trying to get it right)
Double Cut Porkchop with carmelized onions and an apple bacon compote (fuckin slammin)
Trout En Papillote with squash, Zucchini and almonds. (not too shabby)

Harrison has been a great mentor, showing me how to do different things and I'm really excited because he has also brought in some cool stuff like meat glue to try some molecular gastronomy stuff.

However, despite our desire to dabble into the crazy, the restaurant is meant to be a 100% local (or as close as we can get) and seasonal menu, and fortunately Harrison and I have a similar outlook on food: Put as little stuff on the plate as possible, and keep flavors pure and simple, so we get along quite well.

Opening for lunch starting monday, not sure when we're opening for dinner, all I know is this is going to be one hell of a restaurant and if you're ever in charlottesville you should come check it out.