Friday, March 5, 2010

The art of quiet nights

Tonight was a quiet night, we only did like 20 covers or so. But I've found you can get a lot done... Today I did everything from scrub out the hood vents to finish preparing a foie gras torchon and kept myself busy with prep and such. I have figured out that part of being a chef is always keeping busy and finding something to do.

I try to spend every minute of my downtime doing something productive, whether it's scrubbing out the low boys, the counter tops, the walls, the stove, the sinks, or even taking a couple pans and scrubbing carbon off them, or reading the cookbook my chef gave me to read through to get a better understanding of a technique, or some part of cooking (The French Laundry cookbook is awesome for that)

Don't get me wrong, I can't wait till we get busy and I have to cook my ass off to make it through, I love the thrill of being in the middle of a shitstorm rush, and knocking food out, there is no better sense of fulfillment than that for me. But, I'm taking this one day at a time trying to learn something new each day, both about food, and about myself as a cook, there's plenty to discover in both.

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  1. how was cleaning the foi lobe??? did you use the spoon like I said.....also the french laundry has a great base torchon recipe